Building at Tumaini and being back at home


You may have heard on the news that recent Kenyan elections were declared void and people will be going back to the polls in mid-October. We thank God that the process has mainly been peaceful so far. Please pray that the results of the new election will be received peacefully.

Buiding at Tumaini - Aug 2017

Buiding at Tumaini – Aug 2017

In our blog last December I mentioned that we were about to start building some staff apartments on the Tumaini compound. Well, the start was delayed by some local politics, and we didn’t want to forge ahead without having everyone on board. But we are delighted that we were able to start in June and the work is now progressing fast. Here is a picture from this week.

We have over $70,000 of the $300,000 needed to complete the work (~£52k of £230k), but we carry on building in faith that the rest of the funds will come in from donations. (Please see if you, or anyone you know, might be able to help.)

When our staff live near central Nairobi, their commute can be 90 minutes to 2 hours each way, even though this is only 5 – 7 miles away; having apartments on the compound will help enormously.   Ultimately our work is supporting those in the front line of mission work in Africa – but sometimes the success of our work comes down to bricks and mortar.

Praise God that next week we have a psychologist coming from the US to work with us for the next 6 months or so. To move continents, settle into a very different situation and to quickly pick up therapeutic work in a brief time is a big ask! Pray that she will be led and equipped by God to do just this.

Personal news

Mark & Barbara at home

Mark & Barbara at home

Some exciting news is that we are living back in our own home, though we were quite sad to leave the little barn and the family who graciously hosted us for more than a year. During the second week of August, we moved our belongings to our house.

We continue to praise God for all his answers to prayer, and for his giving us back the home he first gave us in 1996.

As we had sold or given away much of our furniture before we left for Kenya, we have another opportunity to live more simply. Pray that we will have God’s wisdom in what we buy, so that we do not again end up with too much stuff! Similarly, as we need to do some renovations – new carpets etc. – we need wisdom in planning just what to do.

Roses from the garden

Roses from the garden

Anyway, here are pictures of us outside our home and some roses from the garden.

Barbara’s health is rather up and down, so we put this back into God’s hands, trusting that he will enable us to do what he calls us to.

Barbara’s mother

I think Mum is beginning to accept being in the nursing home, though I doubt she’ll ever really like it. She is well cared for, and we go and see her regularly. We are now in a position to go ahead and put her house on the market. Initial tidying, sufficient to make the house presentable for sale, has been done, but the main clearance will come later.

Our church, Christ Church South Cambs (CCSC)

Following the summer break, it’s now time to take up leading a church Home Group again. This coming term, we are studying John’s gospel, which we haven’t done before as a church, and we are looking forward to doing this together.

Before we went to Kenya, we were on the church Mission Group, and we have been asked to take up that role once more. We are happy to do that as mission is very much on our hearts!

Please praise God with us for:

  • the psychologist who is joining the Tumaini team this month, and for her to make the transition smoothly
  • the progress of the building project at Tumaini, and for funds to complete the work.
  • the opportunity to lead a Bible study and the mission group at our church, and that we would do these faithfully for God’s glory
  • that we can be back in our own home, and for wisdom in doing some renovations

And pray with us for the following:

  • further professional staff to join the Tumaini team
  • Barbara’s health, particularly as she has further medical tests in the coming weeks
  • for the sale of Barbara’s mother’s house
  • our granddaughter (4) who has just started school and our grandson (nearly 2) as he adjusts to that, and for us as we look after them from time to time.
Swarm of bees

Swarm of bees

And finally

Here is our ‘bug of the month’ – a swarm of bees that took up residence outside the barn where we were living until recently. (They were safely collected by a local bee-keeper!)