Passing the baton

I (Mark) am recently back from three weeks in Nairobi and Kampala.  The trip was primarily to hand over the Clinical Team Leader role to Gunilla, a colleague at Tumaini in Nairobi, but was in many ways a ‘farewell trip’.  It was a time of great blessing and joy for me, mixed with the sadness of goodbyes.  I enjoyed safe travel and the friendship of wonderful colleagues; both are blessings!

The Tumaini Kampala team
The Tumaini Kampala team

Despite having been centrally involved in setting up the Tumaini Counselling Centre in Kampala in 2016, I had never been there in person.  So, it was a special treat to visit and meet face to face with the team working there – people who I know very well and ‘meet’ with frequently via the computer screen.  But being there in person was special!  Kampala is different to Nairobi; no big surprise, there. Kampala is beautiful, more tropical and with wonderful flora and fauna, and with the same friendly people, yet the level of spiritual opposition to the work of the gospel seemed much more marked. I was reminded again of the importance of the work that Tumaini does in supporting missionaries who carry the gospel, despite being subjected to significant and sustained spiritual attack.  

It happened to be my birthday during my time in Kampala, and I was treated to a wonderful meal on the shore of Lake Victoria. Definitely special!

The Tumaini Nairobi team
The Tumaini Nairobi team, with Gunilla front right

Officially speaking, Barbara and I retire at the end of December, but I continue to be involved in mentoring Gunilla as she takes up the Clinical Team Leader role, and also in recruitment matters for Tumaini.  So, work is a lot quieter, but I am glad to still be involved.

I am not sure what retirement holds, but I’m not anxious about it.  We expect to continue supporting family, old and young, and there will be time for new adventures, as yet unknown. In fact, it’s rather exciting!

It is now December, and I write this on a dark and frosty afternoon where we live, and I can hear Barbara practising Christmas carols on the violin for the coming church carol service.  Already the warmth of Kenya and Uganda seem far away, but the light of Christ is needed as much here as in Kenya and Uganda.

I plan to write another blog in a few months, which will bring my part in this particular story to an end – though the work will continue, of course.

Prayer requests

Please praise God with me:

  • For his faithfulness in all things, including through my recent trip to Kenya and Uganda

And please pray with me for:

  • Gunilla, as she steps into her new role as Clinical Team Leader for the Tumaini Counselling Centres
  • The ongoing work of Tumaini, as the team seek to serve and support many missionaries working throughout Africa
  • And for the work of the small team in Kampala – for their protection, and for the powerful work of Jesus to be evident in and through them.

And, finally, here is a bumper crop of ‘bugs of the month’ – though not all actually ‘bugs’ – a very smart bug of some kind and a butterfly seen in Kampala, and a chameleon in Nairobi!


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